Open convert-selected-images in Script Kit

This Script will convert all your selected (supported) images to either jpg, png or webp. I mostly created it to deal with sending images from the phone to the mac, and getting them as heic...

// Name: convert selected images
import "@johnlindquist/kit";
// Grab selected files
const files = (await getSelectedFile()).split("\n");
// Set up whitelist of formats
const supportedFormats = [".heic", ".png", ".gif", ".webp", ".jpg", ".jpeg"];
// Filter files based on supported formats
const selectedFiles = files.filter(file =>
supportedFormats.some(format => file.toLowerCase().endsWith(format))
// Notify if no files are selected
if (!selectedFiles.length) {
await notify("No supported files selected");
const convertHeic = await npm("heic-convert");
const sharp = await npm("sharp");
// Select the output format
const outputFormat = await arg("Choose an output format", [
const getUniquePath = async (outputPath, suffix = "") => {
if (await isFile(outputPath)) {
const name = path.basename(outputPath, path.extname(outputPath));
const newName = `${name}${suffix}-copy${path.extname(outputPath)}`;
const newPath = path.join(path.dirname(outputPath), newName);
return await getUniquePath(newPath, `${suffix}-copy`);
} else {
return outputPath;
// Convert selected files to the chosen output format using appropriate libraries
for (const file of selectedFiles) {
const content = await readFile(file);
const name = path.basename(file).split(".")[0];
const outputPath = path.join(path.dirname(file), name + `.${outputFormat}`);
const uniqueOutputPath = await getUniquePath(outputPath);
if (file.toLowerCase().endsWith(".heic")) {
const formatMap = {
jpg: "JPEG",
png: "PNG",
const outputBuffer = await convertHeic({
buffer: content,
format: formatMap[outputFormat],
quality: 0.5,
await writeFile(uniqueOutputPath, outputBuffer);
} else {
const sharpImage = sharp(content);
switch (outputFormat) {
case "jpg":
await sharpImage.jpeg({ quality: 40 }).toFile(uniqueOutputPath);
case "png":
await sharpImage.png().toFile(uniqueOutputPath);
case "webp":
await sharpImage.webp({ quality: 40 }).toFile(uniqueOutputPath);
await notify(`Converted selected files to ${outputFormat.toUpperCase()}`);