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A rather simple Emoji search that uses local database for fast lookup. It actually bootstrap by creating a sqlite database out of the emojilib JSON, in particular for storing usage and sorting by it. It will search by name and keywords, and the list will be sorted by most used

// Name: Emoji Search
// Description: Search and copy emoji to clipboard using SQLite database
import "@johnlindquist/kit"
const Database = await npm("better-sqlite3")
const databaseFile = projectPath("db", "emoji-search-emojilib.db")
const emojilibURL = ""
const createDatabase = async () => {
const response = await get(emojilibURL)
const emojiData = as Record<string, string[]>
//create db and table
const db = new Database(databaseFile)
(emoji TEXT PRIMARY KEY, name TEXT, keywords TEXT, used INTEGER DEFAULT 0)`)
//populate with data from emojilib
for (const [emojiChar, emojiInfo] of Object.entries(emojiData)) {
const description = emojiInfo[0]
const tags = emojiInfo.slice(1).join(', ')
db.prepare("INSERT OR REPLACE INTO emojis VALUES (?, ?, ?, 0)").run(emojiChar, description, tags)
if (!await pathExists(databaseFile)) {
await createDatabase()
const db = new Database(databaseFile)
const queryEmojis = async () => {
const sql = "SELECT emoji, name, keywords FROM emojis ORDER BY used DESC"
const stmt = db.prepare(sql)
return stmt.all()
const snakeToHuman = (text) => {
return text
.map((word, index) => index === 0 ? word.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + word.slice(1) : word)
.join(' ')
const emojis = await queryEmojis()
const selectedEmoji = await arg("Search Emoji",{ emoji, name, keywords }) => ({
name: `${snakeToHuman(name)} ${keywords}`,
html: md(`<div class="flex items-center">
<span class="text-5xl">${emoji}</span>
<div class="flex flex-col ml-2">
<span class="text-2xl" style="color: lightgrey">${snakeToHuman(name)}</span>
<small style="color: darkgrey">${keywords}</small>
value: emoji,
await clipboard.writeText(selectedEmoji)
// Update the 'used' count
const updateSql = "UPDATE emojis SET used = used + 1 WHERE emoji = ?"
const updateStmt = db.prepare(updateSql)