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OCR script that uses the OS native screencapture to capture part of your screen, perform OCR on it and copy the text to the clipboard. Note: I haven't even tested Windows and Linux versions. ChatGPT just wrote those for me :)

// Name: OCR
// Description: Capture a screenshot and recognize the text using tesseract.js
import "@johnlindquist/kit";
//both win and linux implementations were created by chatgpt (gpt4), without _any_ tests!! 😅
const captureScreenshot = async () => {
const tmpFile = `/tmp/screenshot-${}.png`;
if (isMac) {
await exec(`screencapture -i ${tmpFile}`);
} else if (isWin) {
const psScript = `
Add-Type -AssemblyName System.Windows.Forms
Start-Sleep -m 500
$clipboardData = Get-Clipboard -Format Image
$clipboardData.Save('${tmpFile}', [System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat]::Png)
await exec(`powershell -Command "${psScript.replace(/\n/g, '')}"`);
} else if (isLinux) {
// Check if gnome-screenshot is available
try {
await exec('gnome-screenshot --version');
await exec(`gnome-screenshot -f ${tmpFile}`);
} catch (error) {
// If gnome-screenshot is not available, try using ImageMagick's 'import' command
await exec(`import ${tmpFile}`);
return tmpFile;
const recognizeText = async (filePath, language) => {
const { createWorker } = await npm("tesseract.js");
const worker = await createWorker();
await worker.loadLanguage(language);
await worker.initialize(language);
const { data } = await worker.recognize(filePath);
await worker.terminate();
return data.text;
const languages = [
{ name: "Spanish", value: "spa" },
{ name: "French", value: "fra" },
{ name: "Portuguese", value: "por" },
{ name: "English", value: "eng" },
//@todo train a model for typescript (
// if ctrl is pressed, show a modal to select a language
const selectedLanguage = flag.ctrl
? await arg("Select a language:", languages)
: "eng";
// Hide the Kit modal before capturing the screenshot
await hide();
const filePath = await captureScreenshot();
if (!await pathExists(filePath)) exit()
const text = await recognizeText(filePath, selectedLanguage);
if (text) {
await clipboard.writeText(text.trim());
await notify("Text recognized and copied to clipboard");
} else {
await notify("No text found in the screenshot");
// Clean up temporary file
await remove(filePath);