Open type-clipboard in Script Kit

This is a Script I use more often than I would care to admit. There're situations where the paste command just doesn't work. Either web forms that don't allow paste, or crappy app UIs that for some reason a normal paste doesn't work. If you don't mind the lengthy shortcut, you hit ctrl+cmd+alt+shift+v and it types the content of the clipboard really fast, instead of pasting it.

// Name: Type Clipboard
// Description: Get the content of the clipboard and "keystroke" it without pasting
// Shortcut: ctrl+cmd+alt+shift+v
import "@johnlindquist/kit"
const clipboardText = await clipboard.readText()
if (clipboardText.length > 1000) {
await notify("Clipboard content is too long")
await applescript(String.raw`
set chars to count (get the clipboard)
tell application "System Events"
delay 0.1
keystroke (get the clipboard)
end tell