Script to open your links in browser

Hey there, I have created a script which can open your pre-added links in the browser after selecting from the choices. For now, it is just a simple script with hardcoded links, in future we can use db to store the links for users.

Here is the script code -

// Name: Open My Links
// Shortcut: cmd shift l
// Author: Rohit Saini
// GitHub: @rockingrohit9639
import "@johnlindquist/kit";
const LINKS = {
Github: "",
LinkedIn: "",
} as const;
const CHOICES: (keyof typeof LINKS)[] = [
const linkTitle = await arg("Which link to open?", CHOICES);
const link = LINKS[linkTitle];
const command = `open ${link}`;

Here is the demo of the script - link open script.webm